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Company description

AOMS Technologies Inc. offers a fully integrated optical sensing technology using fiber optics to empower industries with uninterrupted monitoring of multidimensional performance data.

AOMS offering is an end-to-end hardware/software solution integrated with state-of-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our products are developed mainly for harsh environments and hard-to-access locations where conventional electronic sensors fail, lose performance, or cannot be effectively deployed. We serve customers in environmental, industrial asset management, oil and gas, process industry, and infrastructure monitoring.



Hamid Alemohammad, PhD, PEng
Chief Executive Officer


Amir Azhari, PhD, MBA
President & Chief Operating Officer


Richard Liang, MASc
Chief Technology Officer


Michael List, BAH, LLB
Member of Board of Directors


Dilara Yilman, MASc
Research Scientist

Charles Fung, BASc
Director of Software Engineering

Sherman Qiao
Hardware Engineering Coop

Rina Lu
Software Engineering Coop



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