As a product of telecommunication industry, fiber optics have dramatically changed the sensing industry over the past decades. AOMS all-in-one fiber optic sensors are developed on the basis of harnessing the power of modulated optical waves in the core of optical fibers. Light travelling in the core of optical fibers is modulated by changes in physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, strain, and chemical composition of the surrounding environment. The effects of photoelasticity, thermo-optics, and opto-chemical enable high fidelity detection of mechanical, thermal, and chemical parameters.

AOMS Technologies has leveraged the large data transmission capacity of optical fibers to develop a core technology for multi-parameter and multi-point optical sensing in unconventional and harsh environment applications, such as oil and gas, power transmission, and water resources. The key advantages of the AOMS all-in-one fiber optic sensor technology are:

  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • High temperature stability
  • Robust opto-mechanical packaging
  • Customizable packaging
  • Turnkey solution from measurement to data analysis

One of the unique advantages of AOMS all-in-one systems is the integration of the core sensing technology with optical signal transformation and data analysis. This enables AOMS to deliver turn-key solutions from measurement to data analysis.

The unique features of optical fibers such as light weight, small size, long-term durability, long-range linearity, robustness to EMI noise, and corrosion resistance encourage the development of methods and technologies thereafter to embed them inside metallic and non-metallic structures for in-situ structural sensing and failure diagnosis. AOMS Technologies has developed a proprietary technology to embed optical fibers in a variety of metallic and non-metallic structures. AOMS’ embedded technology is an epoxy/adhesive free process which results in sensors with large working temperature and pressure range. Compared to conventional surface-mount sensors in which the measurements are limited to peripheral surfaces, AOMS’ embedded sensors can monitor the structural integrity at desired locations not accessible by surface-mount sensors. Additionally, AOMS’ embedded sensor technology enables the development of sensing systems for harsh and unconventional environments such as oil and gas in which the sensor reliability and long term stability are of critical importance.

The core of the AOMS patented fiber optic sensor technology is based on the surface modification of optical fiber sensors by selective microstructure coatings and selective material removal. The microstructured fibers are designed and optimized using sophisticated optical models for specific opto-mechanical and opto-chemical transduction effects.